It is quite an honor to be featured on top hip-hop tracks of our time. And for artists like Snoop Dogg, Bun B, 2 Chainz and more, they definitely deserve this honor.

To all hip-hop fans delight, a list of rappers who have been featured on the most songs (image above) was released today. The list was topped with Snoop Dogg with 583 features. Here is the entire list:

1. Snoop Dogg - 583 features

2. Lil Wayne - 430 features

3. Bun B - 280 features

4. 2 Chainz - 274 features

5. Busta Rhymes - 254 features

6. Nate Dogg - 241 features

7. Jay-Z - 229 features

8. Kendrick Lamar - 206 features

9. E40 - 200 features

10. T-Pain - 197 features

The list was initially credited to West Coast rapper Kokane, and 2 Chainz reposted the list onto his Instagram with the caption, "Stats." Kokane went on to post a video that he says shows that he has been featured on at least 1,000 songs that are documented, which could end up altering the above list.

Tell us what you guys think of this list. Does 583 features by Snoop, 241 features by Nate Dogg and 206 features by Kendrick seem accurate?

Source: Instagram