Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico fiercely, and now news has arrived saying the island may not have power for four to six months. Maria was the most powerful storm to hit United States territory in almost a century, and the storm managed to take out homes and knock out all of the electricity. 3.5 million people are currently living in Puerto Rico and will be out of power for almost half the year because of the storm. Previously, Hurricane Irma passed by Puerto Rico on September 6, managing to leave 1 million people without power. There were no deaths or major damages caused to Puerto Rico like the surrounding islands.

The Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Cruz said “The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there. We’re looking at 4 to 6 months without electricity.” The Mayor of Catano, Felix Delgado said: “Months and months and months and months are going to pass before we can recover from this.” The damage done by Maria to Puerto included many streets being flooded to point of resembling a river, as well as windows being blown out of police stations and hospitals. Reports surfaced saying the island was hit with a storm surge of more than four feet.