Nicki Minaj promised that her next era in music will be her biggest era.

The rapper recently spoke with Dazed and declared that her new work will have a lot more impact than 'Anaconda,' one of her biggest singles to date.

“This era will be a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered,” she said. “I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet.”

She also divulged some new information on her upcoming album, “I can’t say if I’m fifty-per-cent, eighty-per-cent or ten-per-cent done, because I don’t know,” she continued. “Tomorrow, I might walk into the studio and decide that I don’t like anything I’ve done in the last six months. Or, tomorrow I might walk in and feel like the whole album is done. There’s so much beauty in not knowing.”

Minaj promised to go deeper than ever before on the project and said it will include a new song that features Young Thug. Her alter-ego, Roman, may or may not make an appearance on the album. “If Roman is needed, then Roman will be there,” she said. “I’m not going to do anything that feels forced. I’m doing this for my core fans.”

Source: Dazed