The new starting point guard for the Boston Celtics and NBA champion, Kyrie Irving sat down with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN's First Take. The quick dribbling big shot closer made headlines after he requested a trade from his former team Cleaveland Cavaliers. Irving, who ruled the eastern conference, alongside LeBron "The King" James devasted the sports world when he made it known that he no longer wanted to be a Cavalier. Rumors began to spread, linking Kyrie's urge to leave Cleveland, to his relationship with LeBron, however, nothing was solidified. In a sit-down with First Take's Stephen A. and Max, Stephen posed the question to Kyrie, if he [Kyrie] or his representatives ever spoke with LeBron about his trade prior to speaking with ownership? The clutch finisher calmly replied, "No." It's clear that Kyrie didn't feel obligated to reveal any of his intentions of leaving with his former teammate.

Check out the video clip above to see the exchange.