It looks like the woman once alleged to have been Kevin Hart's side chick may be the female many believe Hart alluded to when he posted to Instagram with a public apology to his wife and family for putting himself in a position to be extorted, on Saturday night, September 16.

Soon after Hart's video went viral, Monique ‘MoMo’ Gonzalez, who came to the public's attention after she was sighted in the back seat of a car with Hart in Miami one early morning in July, released a cryptic Instagram post that read, “The truth always comes to light.” The post caused many to draw conclusions that she may have put it up in response to Hart's video. Fans and followers of the comedian may recall a recording taken of Hart's vehicle, which showed him appearing to get affectionate with the aspiring model. In the days that followed he would vehemently deny accusations suggesting that he was cheating on wife, Eniko, who was pregnant at the time.

Eniko and Kevin just tied the knot last year. They had been dating since 2009, which precedes his divorce date with ex-wife Torrei. Where the couple goes with their seven-year relationship remains to be seen, in light of them expecting their first child together.