A Missouri man angered his neighbors when he posted a "Slaves 4 Sale" sign right above his Confederate flag. Ironically, his reason for posting the racist sign above the racist flag was because he wanted to show that he's not a racist.

Richard Geisenheyner regularly flies a Confederate flag in front of his home in Liberty, Missouri. Because of that, many people have assumed that he is a white supremacist and that makes him upset.

"If people actually believe that a Confederate flag stands for slavery, well, I might as well be just as stupid as they are," he told Kansas City TV station WDAF.

Geisenheyner, who reportedly has biracial grandchildren, insists that he flies the Confederate flag to make a political statement that has nothing to do with supporting slavery at all.

“It is for people that are tired of the government telling them what to do and what to think,” he said. “That is what a Southern rebel is.”

Many people feel differently, however. The southern states wanted to keep slavery while the north wanted it abolished, hence the connection of the Confederate flag to racism. Geisenheyner's neighbors don't agree with the hanging of his sign or reasoning behind it.

"I think it's wrong, very wrong," Steve Plowman told the Kansas City Star. "I think somebody needs to have a serious talk with him."

Other neighbors told WDAF that the flag and the “Slaves 4 Sale” sign were offensive reminders of the pre-civil rights era.

“I remember the signs on the wall that says ‘White only.’ I am that old,” one neighbor who asked not to be identified told the station. “I remember the signs on the wall that says ‘Negroes only entrance here.’”

An unidentified woman who also lives near Geisenheyner thought he should be more empathetic toward others.

“I haven’t called you a racist so you have got to think about the other people in the community,” she said.

On Tuesday, Geisenheyner took down the “Slaves 4 Sale” sign, telling WDAF that his point had been made.

Source: huffingtonpost.com