Stephen A. Smith promised Mrs. Wanda Durant that he was done chastising her baby boy for jumping ship from OKC and joining their West Coast rivals for a shot at the ring. Since the historic signing in the Summer of 2016, Smith had regularly attacked the topic in conversations regarding Kevin Durant, and after being humbled by the Finals MVP's performance he went one step further than vowing to be less relentless; he promised to let the topic go altogether. But he admittingly couldn't help himself on Wednesday, September 13.

On Tuesday, Nike followed up on the redemption theme it incorporated into the design of the "Red Velvet" KD 10 sneakers the company recently released, that many believe served as a veiled reference to the "Cupcakes" photo Russell Westbrook posted to Instagram following Durant's departure last year. While it appears that the "Red Velvet" editions were purposefully put out first, as a means of addressing Durant's former teammate directly, Tuesday's release, the KD 10 "Finals" left no stone unturned in addressing every other hater who took shots prior to his vengeful victory.

Consumers who check the bottoms before purchasing the kicks will see some of the adjectives used to refer to Durant and phrases that questioned his character, in the past. Lame/ Doesn't Care About Fans/ He's Changed/ Quitter/ Weak/ Snake/ Soft/ Arrogant/ Choked/ Pathetic/ Loser/ Bandwagon/ Traitor/ Cheater, line insoles read, in black ink. And dubbing over it all in Golden State yellow, his most positive affirmation: 16-1/ 2017 champs.

If not but for one word, Smith would have had nothing to say about the shoe, he says. But he couldn't sit silently with "bandwagon" screaming out at him. "There is a word that absolutely is in there, that he should omit because it is absolutely true. 'Bandwagon.' There is no doubt that's exactly what he jumped on. The bandwagon," Smith said while giving his impression on the new KD 10's during First Take. "If he even tries to deny it he's a new fool. Ok. He's beyond ignorant."