As fans of the veteran actor-turned social media personality have come to anticipate he would whenever big news breaks, Michael Rapaport has addressed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' chastisement of Jemele Hill for her equation of President Trump to a white supremacist.

Sanders denounced Hill's controversial tweet during Wednesday's [September 13] briefing in the West Wing, calling her remarks a "fireable offense." Rapaport didn't take too kindly to the secretary, who he referred to as "the sloppy third's presidential secretary," taking the issue to career ending lengths, and he fired back by suggesting that she and Ben Carson hand in their resignation letters instead. He'd then shift his focus in order to deliver a direct message to the President, in which he infers that if anybody should be stepping down, maybe it ought to be him for failing to make good on his own promises. But before turning the tables on Trump and his cabinet, he zeroed in on Sanders specifically.

"You dumb f**k you. This ain't the apprentice. You don't get to do the firing," Rapaport said, in a video, he posted to Instagram.
"Sloppy Sarah, you sleep good at night knowing that your boss needed his arm twisted to condemn tiki-torch tough guys and hipster NAZI's? F**k you!"