Say what you want about LaVar Ball, but he recently demonstrated he takes care of people who take care of him.

On Monday the elder Ball brought his longtime handyman to a local CarMax in California and surprised him with a 2017 Toyota Tundra truck.

According to ESPN, Ball's known the man, named Felipe, for 15 years. He had reportedly been having difficulty in commuting to work due to a faulty transmission on his existing truck.

The driving problem should be a thing of the past; on top of the new vehicle Ball also named Felipe as a property manager for Big Baller Brand.

"It's just something I did for him," Ball told "He's been working a long time trying to make ends meet. That car ain't gonna get him from place to place. Now he has a car that can get him from Point A to Point B."

Dealer Michael Henry posted a video of the encounter along with a heartfelt caption.

"Lavar Ball gets a lot of negative press for the brash and sometimes downright crazy things he says and does," wrote Henry. "I had the pleasure of selling him a truck that he bought for his long time handyman Felipe [whose] truck went out of commission days before.

"He and his family were asked to come to Carmax to come see his wife Tina. To their surprise, a 2017 Toyota Tundra was waiting for them and the moment was priceless. You will definitely see Lavar Ball in a different light after watching this video.”

See the touching moment above.