The girlfriend and business partner of imprisoned rap mogul Suge Knight were slammed with an indictment for selling surveillance footage of the fatal hit-and-run incident at the center of Suge Knight's murder trial, on Wednesday, September 13.

The judge overseeing proceedings related to the case unsealed the indictment, which had already been issued by a grand jury on July 28, after Knight's fiancee Toilin Kelly plead not guilty to counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to violate a court order, and conspiracy to commit grand theft, stemming from the video's sale. Knight's partner Mark Blankenship was not present at the hearing, but will soon face a judge over the same charges.

Prosecutors have been targeting Kelly and Blankenship with allegations of unlawful behavior concerning the case for months. Most recently, the pair were accused of attempting to orchestrate a plan to pay witnesses to submit testimony on Knight's behalf. Meanwhile, Wednesday's indictment had to do with negotiations Kelly and Blankenship allegedly had with TMZ, to broker the sale of the footage, which captures Terry Carter's death, for $55,000.

The video, which was being held as evidence in the case, was reportedly subject to a protective order forbidding its release to the public. Kelly and Blankenship face up to three years behind bars if convicted.