Donald Trump’s presidency along with his blatant disdain for immigrants has made people in the United States feel free enough to voice their opinion, and now a McDonald’s employee has been caught on camera going on a racist rant against a customer. Because of this, the woman ended up being fired by the chain. A woman named Wendy Rios captured the verbal attack that was directed at her and posted it to Facebook last week.

According to NBC Charlotte, the McDonald’s employee got rude with her after she asked the worker if her order was complete. From there, Rios told the woman to keep on talking as she recorded her, saying, “I kept saying ‘do it again, do it again,’ because I wanted to have proof what she did to me.”

The aggravated McDonald's worker can also be heard saying “Can you spell deportation?” to Rios. The owner of that McDonald's franchise has since then claimed that the employee’s actions are not a reflection of the company’s thoughts or values they “place on diversity, inclusion, and providing a welcoming experience” for customers. The franchise owner also said McDonald's reached out to Rios to apologize, but she says they did not.

Source: YouTube