Eric Benet told TMZ that he has no problem with Jay-Z name-dropping him on his ‘4:44’ album.

Jay-Z compared himself to the R&B star who was once married to Halle Berry on the song “Kill Jay Z.” Benet joked about a hostile reaction to the line before explaining that he really liked the lyrical content of the project. “I think it was dope how he like lyrically, you could hear the maturation and growth as a man and admitted he was wrong and that’s always a good thing,” said Benet. The singer also said the name-drop caused his social media to pick-up and might have even boosted his album sales. Despite appreciating the artistry of the line, Benet still believes his current wife is the love of his life. “I’m only thinking about my life right now, and I still stand by what I said, my wife is the most amazing woman in the world,” he said.

The TMZ reporter also asked Benet what he thought about Ted Cruz liking an NSFW pornographic video on Twitter. The singer joked about the question before stating that “conservatives” like Cruz are some of the “freakiest” people sexually.

Source: TMZ