Travis Scott scolded security guards for being too rough with his fans at a recent concert.

The rapper whose shows could get a bit wild didn’t like the way security was treating the fans who were trying to have a good time. Scott went as far as saying “don’t ever touch my fans like that.” Scott’s shows often get quite rowdy with fans sometimes ending up on stage with him. He explained his fan’s behavior at his live show in an interview with GQ earlier this year. “I wouldn’t say I let them come up, but I just want kids to do them. I just try to put myself in the fan’s shoes, and it’s all a rage. Sometimes, the kids are just so into it that it just comes out of them. I always am just surprised by the things that happen at the shows,” he said. “I’ve seen people that are way older, like 50 years old. I’ve seen people fresh off work, moms, dads, grandparents bro!” Scott also said that the energy is usually pretty high at his shows and that he does his best to put himself in the fans shoes while putting together his set.