Previously, R. Kelly was under fire for allegedly running a sex cult where he held women against their will. The alleged news was broken by Buzzfeed and found the singer denying all of the allegations. From there, the singer became silent in the media, pushing along with his tour. Most recently, Kelly made a weird attempt at tweeting a motivational thought along with promoting new music, but the tweet quickly backfired, as many Twitter users began to compare his words to his past.

R. Kelly’s tweet said “All it takes is one ‘yes’ to change your life. #WaitOnIt #MorningsWithKellz #RKelly.” Attached to the tweet was a photo that had the word “no” typed many times in red, and the “yes” written once in white. Since then, the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer has removed the tweet. Many people who were able to see the tweet began to bring up R. Kelly’s most recent issue with the alleged sex cult, and how former associates of the artists mentioned that he would essentially have “mind control” over his victims. One person tweeted to Kelly, “How exactly did you wake up and think this would be a good idea?” Since being hit with the allegations, lawyers for Kelly dismissed all of the claims and said that he is working hard to “clear his name.”