A Canadian judge has been suspended for 30-days for wearing Trump's now infamous red "Make America Great Again" cap. The hats have now become a symbol of white supremacy to some degree.

Judge Bernd Zabel, has worked as a judge in Ontario, Canada for about 30 years and was spotted wearing the hat into his courtroom the day after Trump won the 2016 US presidential election. Zabel claims that he is not a Trump supporter and only purchased a few of the embroidered hats as historical memorabilia. Despite two colleagues assuring him that wearing the hat to court would be inappropriate, he felt as though wearing the hat that day to his proceedings would "add a bit of humor" to the day.

After a story was published about Zabel wearing the MAGA hat, the Judicial Council of Ontario received a significant number of complaints. Many people who offended that a man of the law would wear a hat that has been associated with Trump's racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic rhetoric and how that would be perceived by people from those groups who entered into Zabel's courtroom.

Judge Zabel has been suspended since December, but the additional 30-day suspension is an added sanction and the harshest one he could receive short of him being removed from office.

The judge has since expressed "profound regret" and stated to the disciplinary panel: "It was ill-considered, ill-thought-out, and I’ve obviously learned a lot from that."

Source: independent.co.uk