Over the past several years Adrien Broner has wavered between being in and out of the ring and in and out of trouble. He's been accused of robbery, brought up on battery charges, threatened suicide and been chased down and shot at. And throughout his problematic streaks the man once known as "The Problem" has heard it all, as it concerns getting him back on the right track. It has been suggested that he cut down on the clubbing, that he get refocused on his boxing career, and more increasingly, that he seek help for possible mental health issues. So far AB hasn't found the answer. According to boxing legend Ray Mancini he'd better put every last effort into figuring out a solution, or he may find himself in a grave that he can't get out of.

"People are responsible for their own actions. It ain't got nothing to do with anybody. He's a grown a** man," Mancini told TMZ when asked whether he thinks Broner might need Floyd Mayweather in his life, on Tuesday, September 12. Mancini confirmed that he was aware of the altercations Broner had on the Las Vegas Strip last Friday, when he pushed a woman who appeared to be in his company and then suddenly socked a man who was walking towards him, leaving him unconscious on the ground. After being informed that the Cincinnati boxer has since voiced a cry for help on social media, Mancini affirmed that that was a good step. He then went on to warn that being so reckless can come back to bite with the man, and can do so to the gravest of consequences.

"It's a real problem. Not only is it a problem in life if he don't get his life together. I mean, that's how you get whacked," Mancini said. "People take you out for a lot less."