It is reported that 50 Cent has found himself tied up in another case, only, this time he is the plaintiff and not the defendant in the case scenario. Apparently, 50's accountant stumbled upon a couple of figures that didn't sit right, and led the rapper's team to charge that a business management group that had been advising him through his 2015 bankruptcy filing cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars through both error and misappropriation.

Fitty filed a lawsuit in Connecticut Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday night, September 12. In the documents, he accuses California's GSO Business Management LLC of making an error involving the bankruptcy claim that ran him an additional $200,000. What's more, without the permission of Fitty or any other responsible party, GSO went on and paid itself to the tune of $90,000. The finding would appear to be consistent with a crime that GSO manager Jonathan Schwartz wound up paying for, when he was sentenced to six years in jail for an embezzlement charge involving Alanis Morissette.

“GSO completely disregarded the procedures of the bankruptcy court, and improperly helped themselves to Jackson’s money in order to pay themselves,” an attorney for the rapper said told the press.