Outside of his music, Ralo may be known for speaking out on social media and for flaunting his newfound wealth. Recently, the Atlanta rapper took to his Twitter account to denounce industry women because "ugly girls have the best p***y." That happened in between posts of him showing off his money, like when purchased a brand new Lamborghini with straight cash.

Well, it looks like Ralo has combined both those pastimes, as he recently had something to say to Google for listing his net worth incorrectly. In a video posted, Ralo pulls up in his luxury car to a gated apartment complex, that he presumably owns before hopping out with wads of cash. "Hey, I just looked on Google, and they stated that my net worth was $500,000," declares the rapper.

"Hey! Listen here. These apartments cost $2 million, n***a. That car cost a half a million dollars, n***a...So you need to go on and tell Google to stop lyin' on me."

Watch the video above.