The new iPhone X made its official debut today and looks strikingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The iPhone X sports an end to end display that employs OLED technology which allows the screen to be made thinner and lighter, according to Apple. The company also eliminated the signature home button which has been a part of iPhone since the original model debuted back in 2007. The new smartphone will feature a higher price point than its predecessors, running $999 at retail. Apple chief executive Tim Cook believes the new device will “set the path for the next decade,” much like the original iPhone did.

Other features on the iPhone X include infrared facial recognition, wireless battery charging and high-tech camera effects. Infrared face scanning, called Face ID by Apple, uses an infrared camera system on the front of the phone to scan the contours of the user’s face to unlock the phone and authorize mobile payments.

The iPhone X will be the first for Apple’s new premium tier smartphone line. The company also debuted the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which more directly succeed the iPhone 7. These phones are more competitively priced and feature a six-core processor. The smartphones also include updated cameras and new motion sensors.