This summer was not great for movie releases as many of the movies that were figured to be big time earners at the box office underperformed, but finally, it looks like one movie has reached it first-week potential.

After more than a year of promotion and teasers, IT, inspired by Stephen King's thrilling novel opened in theatres this past weekend. This remake of the 1990 movie that created a fear of clowns for many is back in a very new way. This film is based on a group of unpopular kids who band together against an evil presence that has taken the form of a clown.

IT is on track to break a bunch of records for September including highest grossing movie debut after earning $117.2 million in its first weekend. This great weekend would mark the second highest opening for a rated R movie. And this movie isn't just getting recognized for the money it's making but has been a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars by the Screen Engine's PostTrak audience survey.

Source: EW