Marshawn Lynch picked up where he left off with his anti-media rebellious streak on Sunday, September 10, when during his first game back from retirement the Oakland Raiders running back interrupted coach Jack Del Rio's Q&A with the press to check in on whether he had satisfied the length of time players are obligated to spend with reporters after the game.

"I was available for three minutes. They didn't holler at me. I'm good right?" Lynch's voice could be heard asking, after he startled Del Rio at the podium. Del Rio laughed, as did a couple of members of the press, before taking a long swig of water and then crediting the veteran's performance on the ground. The moment was classic Beast Mode, and came hours after he opened the televised portion of the game by sitting through the playing of the National Anthem.

Lynch has long been known to detest the media. Prior to leaving Seattle, he spent years collecting fines for refusing to speak with reporters, and when he finally did come around to doing so, he'd either provide one-word answers, say "I don't know" repetitively, or go off on tangents about his charity work, so as to mock the importance of what they were asking him.