Boxer Adrien Broner was caught on camera in a violent rage in Las Vegas. The footage shows Broner shoving a womea and throwing a knockout punch to a man on Friday night.

The footage was obtained by TMZ sleuths. Prior to the altercation, Broner is seen in a calm demeanor taking pictures with fans in various locations. The video continues with the embattled boxer being visible upset as an unidentified woman attempts to calm the boxer and hold him back. Then it appears that Broner hits an unsuspecting male who seems to fall unconscious.

Although Broner was detained by security, he was subsequently let go before police were called. At this time, there are no criminal charges related to the incident. Broner has struggled to stay out of trouble since holding the junior lightweight title in 2011. The four-time world champion has four public arrests since 2007 ranging from domestic violence to robbery charges.

Broner showed immense promise in his professional career, he is currently 33-3. Broner’s last match was in July when he was beaten by a wide margin by Mikey Garcia, although many believed Broner to be the favorite in the ring. After Friday’s melee, Floyd Mayweather’s former protégé may have sealed his fate in boxing and the bought with Garcia may have been his last professional appearance.