Makonnen made waves in the past with his “Tuesday” record that resulted in him getting signed to Drake’s OVO. From there, the rapper released mixtapes but ended up leaving the label after having creative differences.

Since then, Makonnen has come out as gay after much speculation about his sexuality. Now, he has given more insight into his decision to come out during an interview with HipHopDX. The rapper said, “I want to put the power in my hands because it’s something that’s personal for me. And it’s like, I’m not trying to go and gather a whole bunch of fame. And like, let’s go wherever the fu— to tell the world I’m gay and sh—. It’s just like, yo, I’m very honest with my fans.”

When speaking on what it is like to be gay in the world of hip hop, Makonnen made it clear that he is not looking to sleep with any of the rappers he collaborates with, saying, “Hip Hop is like some professional work s***. So it’s just like, hey, I’m not trying to sleep with any of y’all. So I don’t get why anybody have an issue with me. So, you know. It’s really no thing.”