Atlanta rapper and former Boyz-N-Da-Hood member Jody Breeze was arrested after allegedly shooting four people at an Atlanta mall.

Fox 5 in Atlanta reports that three men and one woman were all injured in a shooting that took place in Atlanta’s West End Mall. Authorities tell Fox 5 that witness accounts claim that the incident may have been a drug and gang related altercation as several people were reportedly “fighting and making references to their particular gang affiliation.”

A white Jeep SUV reportedly turned around after a man came outside the mall, according to police. A man then left the passenger seat with a firearm began shooting.

The incident soon escalated into a chaotic nightmare for mall patrons as men on the street began shooting at each other, resulting in a female innocent bystander having minor injuries. The other shooting victims are all in critical condition.

Jody Breeze was reportedly caught on foot by police while the other suspects fled the scene in the SUV.

The suspects inside the white vehicle are still at large.