Floyd Mayweather Jr. is already enjoying the fruits of this labor from his big fight against Conor McGregor this past weekend. And life after boxing is looking costly for the converted strip club owner, who appears to have hit up the mall to invest in some fashionable footwear for his ladies.

An image that has begun to circulate social media shows Floyd stretching a receipt that exceeds the length of his torso. "Took 9 of them shoe shopping today," the photo's caption reads. The nine made reference to is likely an allusion to his employees at his Girl Collection Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas. Floyd has been all about his newest business venture over the past few weeks, weaving mention of the club in with promotion of what he has insisted was his final test in the ring.

It isn't clear exactly how much Floyd spent on his shopping spree. Whatever the cost, it very likely won't hurt, as he is believed to have raked in over $300 million on Saturday, August 26.