Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he isn't unfaithful, so therefore he isn't really a 'hoe,' but for the sake of practicality, he'll own the label.

"When somebody come to me and they say: 'Oh, Floyd, why you dealing with that girl? She a hoe,' you know what I say? I'm a hoe too. If they say: 'Oh, Floyd, that girl a stripper,' I say, 'She supposed to be a stripper. I'm supposed to date a stripper. I own a strip club,'" Floyd said during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, prior to his big night in Vegas on August 26. Floyd had placed talk of boxing to the side for a moment and got into a conversation about his other line of work as an entrepreneur in the adult entertainment industry.

The remark was one that is as trivial as his relationship to the women he refers to as his "stable" is in real life. Floyd has long traveled with and enjoyed the company of a group of chosen women for many years. As his pre-fight training rituals and lifestyle began to show up on television as documented by HBO's popular 24/7 series a decade ago, he'd be seen nestled between the mix of beauties while partaking in leisure. But whether he was romantically linked to any, if not all of them, was never answered directly. So far as the public has known, he's been a one woman man with his most recent lover believed to be British reality star Abigail Clarke, who replaced 19-year-old Raemarni Ball, also of Britain. Floyd is also known to keep past lovers around, which has been the case with Bad Medina, who he continues to help as a business partner.

"I really stick with the same girl. Every now.. I probably got like... There's really like, within my stable, probably a seven piece," Mayweather told Hollywood Unlocked. He then segued into talk of his strip club, Girl Collection.