Hurricane Harvey hit landfall early Saturday morning, August 26, storming through the northern end of San Jose Island and hammering several other Texas towns as a category 4 hurricane that has been downgraded to category 1.

The potential threat the storm posed to deliver reached its pinnacle on Friday night, when it reportedly arrived at Corpus Christi with 130 mph wind gusts. It was at that point that floodwaters were expected to reach anywhere from six inches to a foot. Ultimately one area incurred 16 inches over a 24 hour period, but would ease down before long. The storm is reported to have actually touched down on land twice, causing tornadoes and power outages in addition to the floods.

Over 200,000 homes and businesses reportedly lost power over night and in one case a massive fire burned down at least three homes on Bolivar Peninsula. The city of Rockport was hit hard in particular, with damage reported to several public facilities.

The 80 mph winds Harvey is now carrying still bears the possibility of picking up, as the storm is expected to linger into the week while causing catastrophic flooding.