Recently, DMX was charged with 14 counts of tax evasion. If convicted, the rapper could get up to 44 years in prison. Since then, the rapper tried to leave the court’s jurisdiction without permission. Along with that, he was drug tested and tested positive for narcotics in his system.

Following that, DMX’s lawyer asked a judge via a letter for permission to temporarily be off of house arrest to perform at shows in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. DMX’s probation officer did not think the request was smart, but the judge granted the request for the rapper. According to the judge, DMX has to be accompanied by a sober coach 24 hours a day while he is on tour to ensure that he stays away from drugs.

Along with having a “coach” with him all day, DMX must pay for the coach with his own money. The rapper’s lawyer said “We’re ecstatic about the court’s decision giving Mr. Simmons the opportunity to perform and continue his career.”