Arizona Governor Doug Ducey rejected calls to take down six Confederate memorials that have had a spotlight shined upon them since last week's violence at the University of Virginia and the streets of Charlottesville. And over the past couple of days, he's been forced to contend with constituents taking matters into their own hands as a result. A Confederate memorial in the state Capitol became one of two relics that were physically altered and mocked for all of the public to see.

Longtime activist Rebecca McHood, 37, has taken responsibility for awarding the Confederacy 2nd place in the fight for the nation, more than 150 years after the Southern states under the leadership of some of the figures whose statues are currently being protested, lost the American Civil War. A 2nd place participation banner and "You lost, get over it" ribbons adorned the stone monument after she got to it. “I was so enraged, so mad after that press conference, there was no way I could do nothing,” she told AzCentral, in regards to Gov. Ducey's announcement on the monuments. “Something needs to happen, and it needed to happen right then. I couldn’t sit still anymore.”

As a clean-up crew went about the work of clearing the monument of the honors bestowed upon it by McHood, plans were in the works to restore The Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Monument that sits near US-60 and Peralta Road. The task looks to be a lot more tough for that landmark, which honors the historic President of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis. At the orders of Gov. Ducey crews will have to go about getting it back to its original state, after it was covered in tar and feathers.