Not surprisingly, it's becoming clear that many of the white supremacists behind a lot of the day's headlines aren't nearly as hardcore as they'd have us believe.

Christopher Cantwell, a neo-Nazi who featured heavily in the VICE News Tonight's Charlottesville documentary, was visibly crying in a video he released Wednesday after learning police had issued a warrant for his arrest.

This was a dramatic departure from Cantwell's behavior in the documentary where he put up a tough front and claimed to welcome combat. “We’re not non-violent. We’ll f**king kill these people if we have to,” he told a VICE journalist in the feature.

In the video which quickly went viral on social media, Cantwell can be seen crying in fear that the Charlottesville police department may come after him.

"I know we talk a lot of s**t on the internet, but really, [rally organizer] Jason Kessler applied for a permit for this months ago," says Cantwell while choking back tears.

You can see the Neo-Nazi reveal his true level of fortitude in the video up top.

Source: YouTube