Lil Duval was aghast after learning that ringside seats for the upcoming Mayweather/McGregor bout are selling for upwards of six figures apiece. Ever the funnyman, he joked about the astronomical price in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Titling it "in YOU GOT ME F**KED UP news," Duval shared a screenshot showing that the subtotal for two tickets in Floor A, Row A came to a staggering $215,500.

For that kind of money, the Florida comedian made it clear that there should be some extra perks involved.

"Ni**a for 200k somebody gotta die in the ring. naw that still ain't worth it. For 200k mayweather gotta let me f**k ALL his the boxing ring. And I need u to host an after party so I can get my money back."

Check it out above.

Source: Instagram