White supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia recently marched this past Saturday in a protested they called “Unite The Right.” To combat that, groups marched in counter protests to go against the hateful rallies taking place. Reports of clashes between separate groups occurred, and one man named Deandre Harris seemed to suffer the worst possible outcome of the protest. Harris was jumped by a group of white supremacists who hit him with poles in a parking garage. The photo of him being beaten went viral, and the young man suffered a broken wrist, a chipped tooth, and numerous amounts of stitches in his head.

Since then, the young man has taken to Instagram to truly voice his frustration with the situation, posting a bloody photo of him after the attack. The photo’s caption says “Today as I fought for what I believe in. F—K KKK F—K THE NAZIS F—K ALL WHITE SUPREMACISTS.” Harris went on to say “P—-Y N—AS TRIED TO KILL ME TODAY BUT I'M STILL UP F—K N—-AS.” The young man and his family currently have plans to sue the city, as the attack took place next to a police station, but no cops showed up.