A wise scholar once said, "Your Instagram is a liar." In this case, that rings true.

Meet Gianluca Vacci, the 50-year-old son of a billionaire. On IG it looks like he's living the dream, constantly on vacation, partying with models and occasionally DJing. Dubbed the "Italian Dan Bilzerian" Vacci's page boasts 11 million followers. Last year, GQ UK even called him "the coolest man on Instagram."

Too bad he's about $14 million in debt.

According to Complex, Vacci owes that grip to creditors. As a result, his yacht, some villas, and shares in an Italian golf course have been seized. Vacci makes about $6 million a year as heir to the IMA group, a company with interests in industrial packaging and pharmaceuticals. Not to mention that his girlfriend is the infamous Miss Colombia that Steve Harvey accidentally crowned during the Miss Universe pageant.

However, Vacci is denying the claims he is in serious financial trouble. Instead, he is referring to the mess as "just a little debt."

If only he had a dollar for each follower.

Source: complex.com