LaVar Ball has talked a good game about his skills, saying he can beat Michael Jordan and various other players in a game of 1-on-1 basketball. Since then, many have commented on Ball’s knack for running his mouth to no end. Now, the face of BIG 3, Ice Cube, has issued a 4-point challenge to Ball and his team. In a video posted online, Cube said: “You bring your sons, bring your AAU team, y’all come on down to the Staples Center this Sunday.” Cube went on to say that he and Ball can square off in the 4-point challenge, and if Ball wins, Cube will buy Big Baller Brand merch for his whole team.

Ball responded in his own unique way, saying that he didn’t respond right away because he was “busy.” The BBB head went on to say that he will be present for the challenge and that he had plans on trying to “taste dat a—.” In other words, Ball made it clear that he is going to win. Watch above.