Former Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager, David Griffin, served as a guest on ESPN's The Jump, where he was naturally asked to discuss the unraveling of the Cavs team. Griffin looked to offer some perspective about Irving's trade request, stating that, "the absolute worst thing this guy could have done was pretend to be all-in and sink the ship from within. Most guys don't have the courage to do what he did."

Irving has received criticism for his trade request from fans, pundits, and players alike, however, Griffin frames the Irving situation as a player looking to challenge himself in the next phase of his career. He remarks "You know you are expected to win a championship by way of example. But what that doesn't always allow is for a player like Kyrie to test his boundaries and see how good he can really be, and can I really be the front man of a team like that."

Griffin believes this ordeal will end up in Irving being traded, but would not speculate where the former All-Star game MVP would land.

Source: ESPN