Boosie BadAzz's brother Taquari Hatch took to social media to dispell reports that implicated him in the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the rapper, on Sunday, July 30. In a video shared on Instagram, Hatch states that he is not worried about what trolls and haters might have to say about the situation because he knows he wasn't responsible for the crime. But he says that he does want to make certain that his loved ones know he wouldn't do such a thing, and asks for a the opportunity to disprove the allegations.

"There's no peace of mind like knowing that you're innocent. Like, you can't buy that, can't nobody hook you up with that. Your influence can't get you that. Knowing that you're innocent is peace of mind that's priceless, and that's what I got in this situation," Hatch said in the recording. "Like, for the people that matter to me, all it's gonna take is a little time for me to clear my name. Like, I'm just getting the allegations of exactly what they said I did, to be able to just prove that I didn't do it."

Last year Boosie filed a claim with Capital One to report that two years earlier up to eight different names/alias' were used to transfer tens of thousands of dollars out of his account, at a time. Police opened up an investigation into the matter that they conclude points to Hatch as the culprit. According to the police report, Hatch wired as much as $80,000 out of the account each time, on more than a dozen occasions. He'd then have the people he sent the money to return a sum to him in cash. Hatch continuously pulled the stunt until he racked up a hefty $361,000.

Hatch is facing numerous theft and fraud charges in relation to the case.