Recently, reports surfaced to reveal that Delaware is working on developing a system by which child support will be made available via a card similar to the EBT cards citizens in need receive to aid them with food shopping.

Certain stipulations are said to be in the works in order to prevent the custodial parent from spending funds given over for the child's entitlement, on non-essential goods. For example, the card will decline purchases that include beauty items and most adult products. The card would go to the custodial parent until the child is 13-years-of age, at which point he/she will directly receive the card until their 18th birthday.

On Friday, July 28, Ludacris posted a headline from one of the articles citing the proposed legislation, along with the hashtag, #nowthatsludicrous. The post apparently got the attention of a couple of notable friends/fathers. 50 Cent, who has a 19-year-old son and a 4-year-old son responded with a comment that read, "I'm signing up for one of them, LOL." NBA star Dwyane Wade also caught glimpse of the post and decided to respond. The father of three simply wrote, "Sign me up!!!!!"

What are your thoughts on the issuance of such a card? Is it necessary, or would you say it's a bit too much?