The Atlanta woman who is suing Usher for $10 million for allegedly exposing her to herpes, has upped the amount she is asking for in damages to $20 million. The unnamed woman, claims that Usher failed to disclose that he had an STD the two times they met up to have sexual intercourse in April. On Saturday, July 22, the results of her pending test were in, and she learned that she had actually contracted the virus and she alleges the singer gave to her.

According to the claimant, during her first intimate encounter with Usher in mid-April, they consented to oral sex and intercourse and did so with the protection of a condom. On April 28, she traveled to New Orleans to be with the 38-year-old singer for his appearance at the city's annual Jazz and Heritage Festival, and it was during that trip that they allegedly had unprotected sex.

Meanwhile, there are reports surfacing that Usher may face additional lawsuits in the coming weeks, with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom revealing over Twitter that she's been contacted by multiple women who say that they too bedded the "Burn" singer without being forewarned that he carried the STD.