A poll conducted among over thirteen-hundred Americans found that 42% of those surveyed want President Donald Trump impeached, while an even 42% do not. The percentage of those who would be upset if Congress didn't take action to oust the Commander In Chief vs. those who would be livid if they did remove him from office is also equal, at 34% respectively. This according to the latest USA Today/iMediaEthics poll published on Monday, July 24.

The poll's results reflect the most dismal ratings for any modern U.S. President and only six months into Trump's first term, far out rank the 33% who called for the impeachment of President Obama and the 30% who wanted George W. Bush axed five years into their two term tenures.

What's more, only 27% of the poll's participants believe the President will complete four years in office, while a whopping 46% say they don't see him making it to 2020.

Source: nydailynews.com