Usher has been laying relatively low in recent months, but now a report has surfaced that may put him back in the spotlight.

According to reports, Usher allegedly paid a celebrity stylist over a million dollars after allegedly infecting her with herpes. Legal documents obtained by RadarOnline show that Usher had unprotected sex with an unnamed partner without letting her know that he had herpes. From there, doctors who checked out Usher said that he was an “asymptomatic carrier.”

Usher then convinced his partner that he was clear after expressing concern, and their sexual relationship continued. In a legal complaint filed for damages by the victim, her lawyer said, “Believing [Usher] Raymond’s statements that it had been nothing and cleared up, [She] continued her relationship.” From there, the victim allegedly “developed lesions and blisters in her vagina” which led her to head to urgent care. It was there that doctors told her she had contracted herpes.

According to California state law, a person that is infected with genital herpes should avoid sexual contact with uninfected people, or let possible partners know if you have the STD before engaging in sexual conduct. Usher and the woman reportedly settled for $1.1 million.