Former Mobb Deep collaborator Mike Delorean revealed the reason why Prodigy's mural kept getting defaced in Queensbridge. Delorean, who was part of the group Bars and Hooks that appeared on Prodigy's first solo album "H.N.I.C.," told Gully TV that the mural was defaced because the Mobb Deep rapper disrespected deceased and incarcerated Queensbridge natives in his 2011 book "My Infamous Life."

Delorean said the children of some of these people whom he talked about in the book are responsible for pushing the mural out of Queensbridge. He claims they weren't trying to disrespect hip-hop, but rather repaying Prodigy for going at their own dead family members.

The Prodigy mural was vandalized twice before finally being removed from its location in Queensbridge last week. It is unclear if there are any plans for relocation.