TMZ unearthed five-month old footage of NFL wide receiver Cody Latimer getting pepper sprayed by a club bouncer, on Sunday, July 16. The incident happened outside of Diamonds Cabaret strip club near Dayton, Ohio on February 20. No police report was ever filed, but according to Latimer, the altercation stemmed from an earlier conflict involving his uncle.

Latimer invited management to speak outside of the establishment following an argument between the bouncer and his uncle. In the video, the Denver Broncos star can be seen putting his hand in the bouncer's face before he finally slaps it away, prompting Latimer to slap him. Latimer is then brushed back by a punch the bouncer throws. The bouncer goes on to produce the pepper spray, which proves effective in backing Latimer off of him. But the uncle continues to pursue the bouncer and is struck with a blow that leaves him knocked out on the ground.

The Broncos and the NFL front office have both confirmed that they are aware of the incident and have spoken with Latimer. Latimer would take to Twitter to respond to the release of the video, writing, that he's "been through so many positive life changes and have grown so much since Feb. 20, and this situation is in the past."