Ferrari stopped by 107.5 WGCI and got up with Kyle, Leon and Kendra G to drop a couple of exclusive jewels for listeners of The Chicago Morning Takeover on Friday, July 14. Rarri went into detail about how the scandal involving his love triangle with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian went down, from the moment he met the Vixen to his communications with Rob when he began to sniff out that his baby mama was seeing the Chicago rapper. There was apparently more to the story than the press has divulged, he says, especially when talking the money side of things.

Ferrari says he was actually offered a decent sum of money to back off of Blac Chyna. He broke down how Rob began to snoop around, managing to get in contact with the mother of his own daughter in order to get his number. She'd refuse to fork it over, instead, electing to have Rarri return Rob's call. "We had a full conversation. He like, 'Yo, next time you out here let's get up. You know what I'm saying, you seem like a cool dude. Whatever, this and that.' But honestly, it's deeper than what people think. They don't really know what's really going on with the money situation," Rarri told The 107.5 audience. "It was a proposition made, you know what I'm saying? He promised a million plus, tax-free."

Ferrari says that Rob initially offered $500,000, but upped the ante when he laughed it off. During the interview, Rarri also inferred that he took certain comments to be indicators that Rob's concern over Chyna's sex life had just as much to do with money than it did his love for her.