Tokyo Toni took to social media with a transphobic rant against Caitlyn Jenner over the weekend. Toni blasted the 67-year-old I Am Cait star for chastising his step-son, Rob Kardashian, and claiming to have never met Blac Chyna or their child Dream, during an appearance on The View late in the week.

"Hold up, hold up. Did I just wake up to some motherf**king hot, steamy, pissy smelling tea?" Toni asked in the opening moments of the viral video clip. Before coming around to expound on why she was upset with her daughter's former in-law, she launched a series of insults that placed a vulgar emphasis on Caitlyn's genitalia and born sex. Finally, Toni requested that the reality show star hit her up so she could give him the business for downing Rob on national television and omitting any memory of having ever interacted with Chyna. "N***a you was walking around switching in the park with me there f**king f****t. Call me b***h, I got some words for your a**," she said.

Tokyo Toni's remarks were in reference to Jenner calling Rob "stupid" for posting naked photos of his ex on the internet. "Guys can be really stupid, and do stupid things," she told the day time show's audience and advised that people choose their friends wisely so as to avoid getting entangled in drama. Caitlyn said that she was mindful to install such messages in the Kardashian bunch while rearing them, but admitted to being detached from Rob in recent years.