Timbaland launched a surprise attack in his impending battle against Swizz Beats on Saturday night, July 15, and the Bronx representative was most definitely 'with the smoke.'

Apparently, Swizzy promptly hit the lab at home once he caught wind of the "warm-up beat," Timbo posted online and was quick with a reply. "BX my response time 0.1 sec !!!!!," he wrote in the caption of a snippet of him bumping a beat that was more boom bap heavy than that which his VA rival created was. Swizz wasn't done either. After Timbaland returned with a follow-up, he returned with his cigar and glass of wine in hand to play an instrumental that screamed East Coast, with a sample of the hook off of Blahzay Blahzay's 1995 classic, "Danger."

In the caption of Swizz's videos he continuously refers to his opponent as "Queen," which would be his response to Timbo claiming King on Instagram. And the shots kept coming, with him asserting "That boy Tim sweet like pumpkin pie," in the text of his third video. Swizz's third production was a loud, heavy, succinct head banging tune featuring a DMX soundbite and piano sample that gave it a raw RZA feel.

Source: instagram.com