It seems like the King of Pop just can’t be left alone. In court on Tuesday, Quincy Jones said Michael Jackson’s estate owed him $30 million in unpaid royalties. According to the Daily Mail, Jones’ lawyer argued that interest in Jackson skyrocketed after he passed in 2009 and at that point, Jones hadn’t been properly compensated for the albums he helped create including Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad.

The 84-year-old producer is also stating he wasn’t paid enough for behind the scenes concert footage on This Is It. Jones’s lawyer estimates the movie, This is It made more than half a billion dollars but he only got $455,000 of the earnings.The lawyers for Jackson’s estate aren’t taking this lying down. They say Jones wasn’t paid because he didn’t do the work. Ouch.

It is worth noting that before Jackson’s death, Jones had been receiving royalties from producing the three albums according to Variety. This isn’t over yet. Expect the trial to last about three weeks. Jones’ testimony is likely to come next week.

Source: Daily Mail