Ever since Rob Kardashian's very public social media meltdown on Wednesday, more than one public figure has weighed in with some advice for the 30-year-old. 50 Cent put up an Instagram post empathizing with Rob and telling him to take some time for himself, and now Snoop Dogg is sounding off with his own words of wisdom.

"I wanna dedicate this song to Rob," says Snoop while listening to a tune in his car from musical duo Los Dos Primos. "It's called 'La Limpia.' It's when your d**k go limp behind some s**t your b**ch do."

As the music plays, the band begins to sing in Spanish. Snoop then gives his own spin on translating what the singer is saying.

"You know what he's saying? Go get you a white girl...She'll do what you tell her," he adds while laughing.

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Source: instagram.com