Flashback to this interview from 2016 where Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad discuss the concept of money in relation to the urban community. Posing with a stack of money like it's a phone has become a growing trend in hip-hop today, and Lord Jamar spoke candidly to VladTV about how he wishes the trend would go away. Despite it being "some of the stupidest s***" Jamar has ever seen in his life, the Brand Nubian rapper pointed out that you'll never see a really rich person jumping on the trend. However, when DJ Vlad pointed out that Floyd Mayweather, who is worth hundreds of millions, is doing the money phone pose, Lord Jamar disputed that the boxer's millions are only impressive to minorities.

Earlier in the conversation, Lord Jamar also spoke about Will Smith saying that there may be room for him in politics, which the East Coast rapper said could be a possibility. Jamar explained that Will could have been "picked" by higher powers in government to become president, which you can hear more about in the above clip.