Recently, Jay Z released his album 4:44, which took over social media and news very quickly. While many rappers were singing their praises to the Brooklyn rapper, one rapper was not too happy with the release of the album. Young Buck took to Instagram to voice his frustration with Hov’s release date that coincided with the release of the Nashville rapper’s latest album 10 Toes Down.

Buck said “Aye yo, what up? This Young Buck. I got a quick question for JAY-Z. Next time you see me dropping an album, get out my way dude.” He went on to say “Quit buying every god d*mn thing, bro! Let a young n*gga get his a** in, JAY! I get up, turn on the god damn radio, JAY-Z whole d*mn album playing way in Cashville. N*gga, I dropped too, n*gga! Get out my motherf*cking way, JAY! Salute n*gga but got d*mn let a young n*gga eat!” Watch above.