Dave Chappelle made an appearance on Sway In The Morning on Thursday, June 29, where he talked about the success and the riches that he's enjoyed since making his Netflix comeback. He also expanded on his remarks about Donald Trump, information overload in the post-Steve Jobs era, hip-hop, and boxing with long-time friend and road dog Donnell Rawlings by his side. The topic arose when Sway informed him that they had had Chris Rock a little while ago and that during the show's 'Battle Of The Best' segment Chris admitted that Chappelle was the only man who could put fear in his heart on stage.

Dave's respect for Chris is mutual, and come August 5 and 6 a New York City audience will get to see how they stack up on the same bill when they play back to back shows at Radio City Music Hall. Talk of a Chappelle/Rock rivalry naturally brought about a discussion on the competitive nature of comedy. Dave recalled doing a string of shows with Rawlings in Atlanta some weeks back and seeing the opening act get consecutive standing ovations. Later on, Dave broke down what goes through a comedian's mind as he observes another comedian work the stage.

"I know deep down every comedian thinks that comedy is all about them. Every single one of them. For a comedian to stand in the back of the room and watch another comedian, it's almost like watching somebody f**k your girlfriend, and you're like 'Yo, I f**k her better. You're not doing it right'," he elaborated. Comedians, Dave said, are insecure, socially awkward and miserable people. Before getting into the psychology of comedy he and Donnell recalled having to follow up great performances and bombing. Both recounted times early in their careers, with Dave attesting to totally dropping the ball when he was called to perform after comedy vet Chris Thomas and Donnell recalled performing at the Apollo and being upstaged by Biz Markie.

Dave's remarks on Key and Peele were also brought up. Last Fall Dave was MCing The Roots Picnic in NYC and while expressing how thankful he is to be back on the scene, quipped that he had grown tired of watching Key and Peele doing his show while he was away. Dave clarified the intentions behind the joke on Thursday, saying, "I'm not mad at them, like at all. That was more a jab at the network. Because I know what I fought to do with Chappelle Show. I know how they resisted the formula that ultimately became the show, and then I watched them parcel it out to all kinds of different comedians. 'Eh we'll try it with this one, we'll try it with that one'." In fact, Dave says that while he still hasn't gotten a chance to meet the Comedy Central duo, he is a fan. "I like the work that they do and I respect the work that they do. I respect them," he said.

Source: youtube.com